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JKA Conveyancers can take care of all property settlements, partnership agreements, and all of your conveyancing needs. One of our promises to you is that we will strive to meet your needs with affordable conveyancing fees without any unnecessary extras.

We provide a tailored estimate of costs for all transactions and an itemised letter, which will provide you with a detailed explanation, walking you through the transaction and all costs associated with the transaction. We strive to ensure there are no surprises and a seamless transaction is experienced.



We can look after every aspect of the purchase or sale of your property. First home purchase, registration of titles, caveat transfers - all aspects of your property transaction.



Here at JKA Conveyancing we can prepare the Contract and Form 1 in relation to the sale or purchase of a property should you choose not to engage with a Real Estate Agent.


After your surveyor has completed and lodged your plans with the Lands Titles Office, we can prepare the paperwork required to have new titles issued for your new land. For community plans we can help prepare by-laws and any other documentation required for your Land Division.



Business settlements can be complex in nature, involving many element

including business name registration. We can walk you through this with the support of Arnotts Lawyers. 


Residential Property Settlements in Adelaide



If you are selling your home without a real estate agent, we can prepare your sale contract.


At JKA Conveyancing we provide you with a pre-contract consultation where we will walk you through the initial steps of your transaction, ensuring you understand the key factors  prior to proceeding.




By withdrawal of a caveat from a property, any interest that the third party has in the land will be withdrawn. We can also prepare and lodge caveats on a property.



We prepare all the legal paperwork required to transfer your property as a result of a sale or purchase.



We understand that selling the property of a loved one can be difficult. During this difficult time we can ensure you receive a compassionate yet professional service and a smooth transaction.




We can transfer a property as part of a marriage or de-facto relationship either as a result of a new relationship or the dissolving of an old one. We can also assist in the preparation of a favourable purchase.


If any of the names registered on the title have changed, we can arrange to have those details updated on your behalf. This may also involve liaising with your lender.



We can arrange the preparation of a new lease, commercial lease, disclosure statement, extension of a lease and the transfer of a lease.

Adelaide Fees

As part of our core philosophy, we guarantee to always provide the most competitive market prices for our services.


For residential conveyancing transactions, we charge a conveyancing fixed rate fee of $799 plus GST,with no hidden fees or costs. 

When considering competitor prices for residential property transactions, be aware that most conveyancers quote a price for conveyancing services only. Hidden costs are often accrued in the form of file opening and closing, administration costs, e-conveyancing fees, physical attendance for settlement at the LTO. As such, a starting quote priced in the lower range can often end up double or triple the price by the end of your transaction. 

Our conveyancing fee for residential transactions includes the following:

  • File opening and administration costs (est. $100 plus GST);

  • Administrative Expenses/Office Disbursements (photocopying, printing, faxing, postage and telephone calls) (est. $130 plus GST);

  • Conveyancing Fee (est. $500-$695 plus GST); and

  • Attending to Lands Titles Office Settlement (est. $100 plus GST).

Additional Pre-Contract Advice with all Residential Conveyancing Transactions

  • If you require us to review the Sale Contract and Form 1 before you sign or during the cooling-off period we will charge a pre-contract advice fee of $299 plus GST.


The above fees are an estimate of the required costs, so that you have an understanding of the competitive price JKA provides in our conveyancing fixed fee.

We believe in affordability and transparency above all else

Thus our fixed fee comes with no surprises. For more complex and unconventional transactions, prices may vary but we guarantee to always give you the lowest price on the market and remain transparent at all times. 

Please note if you require additional services that is not listed above and obtain government searches this will be an extra fee as they are out of pocket expenses.

If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will respond within 24 hours -
that's our promise!




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